About us

Audionautics is a Swiss company that specializes in sound reproduction to the highest standard. Our unique blend of Hi performance components matched with hand crafted real wood cabinets takes your music experience to the next level.

With today’s multitude of materials to choose from wood, in particular beech, still provides the best structure and stability required to fill the room with a warm and natural sound. Like classical instruments the wood adds that something to the overall experience. Hand crafted in Switzerland to the highest Swiss standards these speakers are not only an acoustic dream but are also a visually stunning addition to your listening room.

Real wood speakers not veneer: The cabinets are hand made using real 19mm beech wood. Rigidity is provided by internal bracing and each joint is hand assembled to ensure accuracy. Due to the inherent nature of wood no two units are the same. Each pair is manufactured from a single board of FT (Fair Trade) wood, so grain and colour are matched. Due to this no two pairs are identical. This provides some individuality on the appearance of the units. If you are looking for something unique look no further.

Audionautics is a small company producing low quantities for order only. These are not off the shelf products and will be manufactured only when an order is placed. This concept allows us to take exquisite care of each individual unit. Individually testing each part to ensure our customers receive the finest possible product.

As these parts are made to order you have the ability to modify the overall appearance by selecting a specific colour varnish, if desired. In that way you have the opportunity to match the speakers to your listening room. Note: the standard is light varnish. If you want something special let us know. We will do our best to address all requests.

Array or traditional: Unlike traditional speakers the array layout allows all drivers to run at comparatively low output levels combining their outputs in a wall of sound. Running at lower output levels allows the individual speakers to run in their optimum range, providing perfect clarity and highlighting even the finest details. This results in a wonderfully clear and life like reproduction and a more enjoyable audio experience. Combined with your audio system the S-Series presents a true picture of the event even at lower volumes.